Our Vehicles

New vehicles

We offer the following luxury models available for your next trip:

  • Escalade
  • Suburban
  • Chrysler 300
  • Expedition
  • Ford Fussion
  • Mercedes Benz C200
  • Mercedes Benz C300

Fully Equipped

Our fleet is equipped with all luxury services such as heating, air conditioning, fire extinguisher and first aid kit, radio and GPS locator, mobile phone, umbrellas, water (Bonafont or Evian) and anything else you may request prior to arrival. We are also fully insured with travel insurance and comprehensive coverage.

Armored Vehicles and Private Security

If you require the ultimate in private transportation, armored vehicles can be provided with the best shielding technology. Highly trained private security personnel can be offered as well for the highest level of security. Our guards can accompany you in the same vehicle or if you prefer, in additional vehicles. We also have executive and private aviation options available, if desired.